Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics and Durability

At Abfab we are very committed to re-cycling, not only to help the planet but we genuinely believe that if a piece of furniture brings you joy then you must try and  update/recycle it!

We offer an in house service to help reintroduce any item of furniture into a new scheme

Ethics & Durability

  • Painting Furniture

  • Updating Cushions from Old Fabric or Remnants

  • Reupholstery of all Types of Furniture

  • Headboard Recovering

  • Dining Seat Pad Covering

  • Covering of Footstools

When buying for the home, we encourage clients to look at longevity, many of our pieces are UK made from quality products thus giving a longer life span. The brands we choose have their own ethical interests and as we use small local workrooms, travel is not impactful.

Many of our products are made to order so that we do hot have to hold large amount of stock and nothing is wasted. This is true also in our showroom, we reuse all packaging, cardboard is recycled and unwanted fabric is either sold as remnants or is donated to charity.

We really hope that we are doing our bit!

We work towards keeping a positive Ethical & sustainable impact on the environment Call us, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, to find out more.

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